We Are Edutainment

Platinum Rouge was founded in 2014 as a multi-media edutainment company. Fueled with passion, drive, and vision - we use education, art, and entertainment to create engaging products, brands, and experiences.

Our boutique family business was established because we LOVE to create. Our passion comes through with every project we welcome.

Our Passion is Our Products

We are passionate about entertainment, higher learning, and innovative expression. We are nerdy, artistic, and creative. Our diverse skills and our love for what we do fuels our business and helps us create some of the coolest, most engaging products and experiences around.


We love working with others who also want to make cool stuff. Let’s connect and create something awesome together!


Books, storyboards, scripts, poetry, song lyrics, jingles, campaign messaging, and more - we are always telling stories. It's in our blood, our ancestors were storytellers. We passionately push the boundaries to create stories with meaning, entertainment value, and real impact.


Our team members are dedicated life-long learners, so it is only fitting that we create amazing learning opportunities to help other humans reach their full potential. From course design to facilitation supports - we help companies achieve customized educational goals.


Podcasts, show treatments, scripts, creative directing, storyboarding, pitches, casting, character design and more - our team is well versed in all stages of audio/video and event productions. Our custom services will help bring your vision to life.


We love creating our own products, brands, and experiences. We also love helping others create cool stuff that furthers their learning and entertainment objectives. Let us spice up your next big project.

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Meet Our Team

Jessica Lambert

CEO & Co-Founder,
Director, Strategy and Edutainment

Tredel Lambert

Co-Founder &
Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

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Mary-Ann Evens (Mae)

Manager, Events & Experiences

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