Awesome Audrey's Kooky Christmas

Finally, a Christmas tale the naughty kids will love!

Awesome Audrey is a fun tale about a lovable grandmother, Audrey, who lives in a ‘hood’ called ABG. This plump, jolly grandma becomes a hood celebrity when she takes on Santa for shunning the neighborhood kids for possibly making his naughty list. News spreads and Audrey becomes a hero for all naughty kids, far and wide. Don’t worry kids, no matter who you are, Awesome Audrey loves you and she always has your back.

Join Awesome Audrey, as she adventures through Toronto to make sure ALL children enjoy Christmas Cheer!

A fantastical story in honor, and in memory, of a fantastical woman. Audrey Lambert’s Christmas spirit, generosity, and care for all children was unparalleled.

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