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Nerd Commentator . Podcaster . Illustrator . Storyteller . Character Creator . Concept Artist . World Designer . Art Director . Idea Innovator

Tredel the Comic God

Tredel has been dedicated to The Arts since he was a child. Inspired by the creators of epic series like Naruto, Spiderman, and Percy Jackson; Tredel fell in love with developing storylines and illustrating images that best brought those stories to life.

Tredel went on to study art professionally. A graduate of Sheridan College, Tredel honed his craft and is now a skilled Professional Illustrator and Storyteller who also advocates for the inclusion of more Black characters, and creators, in various productions and publications.

Tredel is the founder of the Black Heroes in History Art Exhibit that garnished media attention across Canada, the UK, and the United States.

As an Illustrator and Art Director, Tredel has collaborated with a variety of brands including  sports figures, celebrities, recording artists, and authors. He has developed characters for a TV series piolet, and has developed his own intellectual property products as well.

Tredel is the Co-Author and Illustrator of children’s book series Hip Hop Heroz – a collection of books dedicated to helping children learn important life lessons through rhyme. Tredel is the Co-Host of podcast 3 Shots and a Mango Beer, and the creator of original comic series Blood, and Wallace the Wondering Wizard. 

Tredel is a funny, positive, up-beat personality who truly loves Storytelling, Illustration, Hip-Hop, Comedy, all things Nerd, and Life!


An Artist's Quest

Growing up, Tredel was always more interested in fiction than reality.

Not seeing many characters that represented him, Tredel started drawing himself into fictional stories.

As he improved his skill level, Tredel realized he could create his own characters – and that he could do this for a living, which he considered epic.

Today, Tredel enjoys creating characters who provide representation and perspective that young people like himself can relate to, connect with, and be inspired by.

Carving a niche all his own, Tredel’s creative persona is known as Tredel the Comic God. Passionate about mythology, sci-fi, and the history of life, Tredel creates diverse and empowering stories and characters that shift tropes and stigmas to strong truthful narratives all people can be proud of.

An innovative thinker, Tredel is leading a legacy of depth and realism by adding an authentic and modern touch to today’s underrepresented characters in fiction.

creation is king


As a Writer Tredel gets to visit far away lands, historic and future time periods, and new unexplored worlds. He gets to create experiences for others that entertain, educate, and inspirer.


As an Illustrator Tredel enjoys creating new and interesting characters, creatures, and worlds. He loves the art of…ART and immerses himself in developing high-quality consumer experiences.


From storylines, to images, to hip hop lyrics, fun podcasts, epic discussions, and even film and television scripts, Tredel is a passionate, well rounded creative dedicated to all things Arts and Entertainment. 

"Everyday that I get to create, is a great day. New worlds, new characters, new adventures - that's literally the life I dreamed of. I am so blessed that my fiction is my reality."

Tredel Lambert

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Need a Speaker, Host, or Panel Participant with a strong knowledge of, and passion for, all things Nerd?

Tredel Lambert is a young Entrepreneur, Artist, Podcaster, hip-hop connoisseur, history and mythology buff, and creator who loves connecting with audiences and transporting them to faraway lands.

As a passionate consumer, and creator, Tredel can speak from both perspectives on all things Nerd including topics like:

Animation, Movies, Sci-fi, Hip-Hop, Pop-Culture, Manga, Cartoons, Superheroes, Fictional Universes, Mythology, Books, Characters, and more.

As seen on his show 3 Shots and a Mango Beer Tredel has a great sense of humor and a broad knowledge of topics that will engage and edutain any audience.

Having overcome his childhood challenges with ADD and Dyslexia, Tredel now enjoys a self-empowered life he illustrated from scratch.

This Comic God is great at inspiring people of all ages. Tredel really connects to young people who dare to live their dream, and adults who want to embrace, and entertain, their inner art fan.

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