Coffee Shop Romance (Poetic Short Story)


Coffee Shop Romance is an original short story told through poetic rhyme by Author, Storyteller, Podcaster, Personality, and Business & Life Strategist Jessica Lambert.

Dream is a young woman full of life, love, and accomplishments. She has slayed so many of her dreams, and now she has gotten to the point where she just wants someone to share her dreams with.

The list that Dream carries around serves as a score sheet, helping her to rule out ‘wrong fits’ and focus on potential partners. While it seems like a fantastic modern system to find true love, the truth is Dream is not finding the man of her Dreams.

Dream contemplates throwing the list away all together, and instead, trusting her intuition while seemingly throwing caution to the wind. Will Dream take the plunge without her handy dandy list? Will it be a total disaster? Can love really be found without a carefully curated GPS? Read on to find out!

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