Becoming Black History (Social Poem)


Becoming Black History is written by Jessica Lambert, and is a social commentary poem on the state of the Black male in North America.

It is meant to support and encourage the Black male while building empathy for him among those who may have pre-conceived notions or prejudices. It is also meant to raise awareness amongst all of society, that if we do not do better, we are at risk of loosing this very important, significant, powerful group of humans.

It is a call for personal empowerment, and for human love, decency, and respect to extend to all, and in this case, to our Black men. It is also a factual reality check that if society continues to aggressively treat the Black male as disposable, they may at some point become Black History. The call to action is to make sure this does NOT happen! This can be done through self-empowerment, personal development supports and opportunities, and social change!

To deny the disproportionate challenges many Black males face just because they are Black and Male – is to deny reality, and to do a grave injustice to all of humanity. We have an opportunity to improve the world with love, let’s do it xo!

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