Meet Jessica

Positive Personality, Jessica Vibez, is dedicated to spreading love, light, and insight as she builds an empire of publications and brands
that educate, entertain, and empower people of all ages. A passionate Podcaster, Personality, Success Strategist, Community Builder,
Business Consultant, Self-Help Guru, Educator, Publisher, and Prolific Writer; Jessica seeks to change the world by assisting others in recognizing and realizing their true passion and purpose so they may use those attributes to create a lifestyle of profit and fulfillment.

Jessica, the Smarty Pants

Jessica has always been dedicated to helping others. She began her Community Services career at the very young age of 13 where she ran recreational programs for children and youth in low-income neighborhoods. Jessica worked her way up from a front-line assistant to the Supervisor of several neighborhood programs. 

A Corporate Communications graduate, Jessica is a life-long learner who has also taken courses in Business Development, Real Estate, and Non-Profit Management. Perhaps one of Jessica’s favorite educational accomplishments is taking Music and Entertainment Management courses at Berklee College of Music.

Jessica is a dedicated Life & Business Strategist, helping Entrepreneurs, Recording Artists, and Executives achieve strategic success. Jessica is also an Author, Publisher, Podcaster, Casting Director, and Public Personality. 

Today, Jessica is the Founder and President of Blessed Vibez, a platform that promotes a wholistic approach to personal and professional wellness and success planning. She is also the Host of Jessie’s World an international podcast dedicated to helping other be their best.

Jessica also co-founded Platinum Indie and Muzic Nerdz, a platform, and podcast, that provides success solutions to Indie Recording Artists and other music business professionals. 

Jessica’s unique background positions her to create and manage edutainment products, brands, and publications that improve lives.

The Challenge & the Legacy!

Born to a Canadian teen-mother and Jamaican father who were not ready for a child together, Jessica had a difficult start. In the first five years of her life she experienced homelessness, abandonment, foster care, an alcoholic home, a very serious car accident that left her scared for life, and just when she thought she was rescued from it all by her grandfather…his untimely death. 

Raised by her suddenly widowed grandmother and her slightly older uncle turned brother and father figure, Jessica was brought up with traditional Canadian and British values. She did not discover the Jamaican side of her culture until she accidently met her full-Jamaican sister in the playground. 

Jessica’s journey has been interesting. It’s filled with unimaginable adventures, and at times, hardships and heartbreak that have given her the propensity to dust herself off, and continue to push for a better life. 

Along the way Jessica learned there were a lot of other people experiencing life challenges. A natural Empath, Jessica easily adopted the role of mentoring and helping others. As a community leader, consultant, and friend Jessica has helped countless people (young and older) manifest greatness in their lives, as she has learned to do the same for herself. 

Jessica has grown a strength personally and professionally that has moved her into the LEGACY stage of her life. Now, she is dedicated to inspiring others to find the good in their lives, and to nurture more of that good. Jessica’s mission is to utilize experiences to connect with, and uplift, others. Each opportunity to connect with an audience is an opportunity to further this calling. 

Passion is life

Published Author & Poet

Jessica is a passionate storyteller who specializes in creating short stories and poems that take readers on transformative adventures.

Podcast Personality & Host

Jessica is the Host of 3 podcasts.

She has also hosted many events, and has appeared on television & radio several times.

Innovator & Edutainment Specialist

Combining her passion for education and entertainment, as well as for helping people become their best selves, Jessica has created an innovative suite of progressive products that transform lives.

Jessica's Inner Shine

"I fought through adversity - a childhood riddled with foster care, abandonment, and alcoholism. I thrived as a single teen mom. I worked hard to escape poverty and the hood. I found methods to overcome learning challenges and graduate with top grades. I learned how to be a solution finder, and creator. I have also enjoyed amazing blessings - great jobs, celebrity friends, C-Suite mentors, 5 star vacations, the gift of intelligence and extreme empathy, an innovative spirit, and a never ending capacity to DREAM BIG. I also have the BEST son, and two amazing God Daughters who I am very close to and love dearly. My glass is all the way full, and I live in gratitude. A positive mindset & grateful heart will always nurture, and share, your inner shine."

Jessica Lambert

Need a Speaker or Host for Your Upcoming Event or Show?

Jessica is a strong motivational and inspirational speaker who authentically draws on her own lived experience, personal and professional, as well as research to connect with audiences and offer transformative experiences. 

Jessica has facilitated leadership retreats, managed corporate teambuilding sessions, and has spoken to diverse audiences about a variety of topics including: Defining and Planning Self-Directed Success, Personal Empowerment, Healing Past Traumas, Dreaming Big, Creating Collaborative Workplaces, Community Development, How to Truly Attract and Include Diverse People, Ghettonomics – the Critical Role Human Development Plays in Strengthening Our Country, companies, and more. Jessica specializes in Self-Success Strategies that guide audiences to find and nurture their inner gifts. Jessica believes in a process of Appreciative Inquiry and Critical Thinking to help people identify and achieve their dreams. 

As a on-air host and personality Jessica is confident, witty, funny, empathetic, kind, and very intelligent. If you are looking for great banter and diverse insight with a twist of chilled humor – you have come to the right place

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