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At Platinum Rouge we love creating stories with meaning. All our books are meant to uplift, inspire, educate, or just plain entertain young minds. We push the status quote and create modern books for modern families who want to bond over the art of reading, and discussing teachable moments. These books are for you!

Jack Fly is the first release from the children’s book series Hip Hop Heroz. A fun, free spirited character, Jack uses old school hip hop nods and fun lyrics to teach confidence and inspire children to break out of their shell and have fun.

No Chainz is a very successful young entrepreneur. Follow him as he uses lyrics and rhymes to teach children the value of a dollar. Set to the backdrop of Toronto, this fun book is the second in the Hip Hop Heroz series. 

Audio Book Coming out November 2022 – pre-order today.

Awesome Audrey is a fantastical modern Christmas Story set in the magical land of ABG – a new Christmas hero, Audrey faces off with Santa to protect naughty kids everywhere. Enjoy this fun, and cheeky tale, about a grandma with a lot of spunk, who really really loves Christmas, and the children who love her. 

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